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If you’d like to make the most of your spare income or capital, professional financial advice on how to manage your money more profitably can prove invaluable.

Understanding the difference from savings and Investments is the first port of call and our Advisors will assist you in distinguishing your needs in these areas and recommend an appropriate plan of action to meet your needs. As the key difference in these areas is savings are for the short term and investments are mainly for a term of 5 years plus.

Savings are important as the cover most people's short term needs and are generally put aside into a bank account for Holiday’s, new furniture and cars etc. These are not normally at risk in the market except in the event of a Bank collapse.

Also most investments have some form of risk attached to them and are not always guaranteed. This could be from the effects of the economy or investment markets and our advisors will assist you in determining which areas would suit you. They will also clarify the tax implications in these areas as this will also effect the recommendations made by utilising any tax benefits or incentives available.

The value of the investment can fall and rise and may you may not receive the value of your original investment.

We recommend you review your needs in this area with a professional advisor prior to making a decision.